Universal Pakora Mix


160g Self Rising Flour

4 tsp (25g) of Mr Huda’s Paste for
Onion Bajees & Pakoras,

180-200 ml water,

Fresh coriander (if available)

Universal Pakora Mix

1. Put flour in a bowl with a sprinkle of salt. Add the Mr Huda’s Onion Bajee & Pakora Paste with a sprinkle of finely chopped coriander.

2. Mix thoroughly with a wisk and adding a little
water at a time into a nice and fairly thick mix (do not make the mix too runny).

3. Place the items you wish to cook into the mix (little at a time).

4. Coat the item with the mix (not too heavy) and then gently drop into the preheated oil.

5. Turn it gently in the oil and cook until golden.

Once cooked serve hot accompanied with mint & tamarind yoghurt sauce.

Pakoras can be made in several ways as you can see from our mixed vegetable pakora recipe. This is a lovely and versatile idea; you can cook up different items with just one delicious flour mix and using Mr Huda’s Onion Bajee Paste. This recipe is excellent for using up cold cooked chicken.

You simply make the mix and coat your desired item i.e. chicken or individual item of vegetables (cauliflower florets, potatoes slices, aubergines etc) or sliced onion rings and then simply deep fry in medium heat oil.

! When using raw chicken pre boil with some turmeric and salt prior to frying. Very delicious if you have some ready cooked chicken tikka pieces.

! When using hard vegetables such as cauliflower, potatoes etc, par boil the vegetables with some turmeric and salt and leave to cool prior to frying.