Onion Bajees


4 medium onions (600g),

6 tsp (45g)
Mr Huda’s Onion Bajee paste,

1 egg,

2 fresh finger green chillis (optional),

150g chickpea flour (gram flour),

Fresh coriander (if available).

Onion Bajees

Cut the onion into long thin slices and place in a bowl. Then add the egg and the required amount of Mr Huda’s Paste for Onion Bajees & Pakoras and mix thoroughly covering all the onions.

Now sprinkle in the fresh coriander, the finely chopped green chillis and add the required amount of gram flour and mix thoroughly. Once mixed, shape into round flat patties ( dampen your hands with
water occasionally to help make neat flat patties ) and place into hot oil.

Fry the onion until golden brown (check if the inside is cooked by pressing the centre of the bajee, if moist, return to the hot oil for a further few minutes).

Once the Onion Bajees are completely cooked serve with a fresh salad and Traditional Mint Sauce.