Mixed Vegetable Pakoras


300/400g mixed vegetables, any of your choice (carrot, cabbage, and courgette) coarsely grated,

1 medium/small potato, coarsely grated,

1/2 small onion, finely sliced,

2 eggs,

6 tsp (45g) Mr Huda’s Paste for
Onion Bajees & Pakoras,

2 fresh finger green chillis, finely chopped (optional),

150g chickpea flour,

Fresh coriander, finely chopped
(if available).

Mixed Vegetable Pakoras

1. Blanch the grated carrot, cabbage, courgette and potato (with a little salt), then leave to drain and cool.

2. Put the sliced onion and green chillis in a bowl.

3. Add the vegetables, eggs and the Mr Huda’s Paste for Onion Bajees & Pakoras.

4. Add the flour with some salt and sprinkle some fresh coriander and mix thoroughly (with hand).

5. Once mixed drop spoonfuls of the mixture in to your preheated oil.

6. Fry the pakoras (turning and stirring) until golden brown (check if the inside is cooked by pressing the centre of the pakora, if moist, put back in to the oil for further few minutes).

Once cooked serve hot accompanied with mint & tamarind yoghurt sauce (for recipe visit Mr Huda’s Mint and Tamarind Raitha Paste).

TIPS: Do not add water to the mix. To make it more exciting add 20/30g of pre soaked and drained red split lentils to the mix or if you want to give it that little crunchiness add a little chopped red peppers.