Sagg Bajee


300g fresh leaf spinach
(washed and drained),
1 medium onion (150g),
4 garlic cloves (fresh or paste),
3 tbsp veg /olive oil,
3 tsp of
Mr Huda’s Universal Curry paste,
Fresh coriander (if available)
Sagg Bajee – Serves 4

Simple and delicious, compliments most dishes when served as a side  dish. Fresh spinach cooked with garlic and light spice tossed with fresh  coriander.
1. Chop the washed and drained spinach finely.
2. Heat the oil on a medium frying pan or wok on moderate heat.
3. Add crushed garlic and slowly fry until
4. Add the finely sliced onion with some salt and cook until soft (stirring regularly).
5. Add the Mr Huda’s Universal Curry Paste and cook for few minutes (stirring frequently).
6. Add the spinach, stir and leave to simmer gently while covered for 15/20 mins (stirring occasionally) or until the desired moisture (cook slightly longer to achieve a dryer texture).
7. Once cooking is nearly over add a little chopped coriander, stir and leave to settle for few minutes before serving (drain any excess oil).
Tips: If you wish to make the dish spicier simply add extra chilli powder or fresh chillies when adding the curry paste.