Spicey Bread Sticks


2 tsp Mr Hudas Universal Curry Paste

Puff Pastry

Raita Dip

Spicey Bread Sticks
Curried puffs (like a curry flavoured cheese straw)Ideal for canapes or nibbles with drinks, serve with a dip and watch them disappear. 

Makes approx 40 depending on how big you want to make them…

Take a block of puff pastry, either home made… frozen or chilled…

Roll it out to about 2mm thick so it is three times longer than it is wide
Ie 10cm x 30cm or however big you want it.

Take some Mr Huda’s Universal Curry Paste spread about 1 tsp full on two thirds of the pastry.

Fold section 1 over onto section 2, then fold section three over on to the top of that so you finish up with a square.

Roll out the pastry until it is three times longer than it is wide again and repeat the process. 

Then roll out once more time until it is three times longer than it is wide and it is ready to cut into strips. Cut the pastry into strips about 1 cm wide and twist them, place them on a baking sheet.

Bake them in an oven heated to approx 180 C for 10-15 mins or until they are golden brown.

The timing will depend on how big your twists are and the thickness of your pastry.

Serve them with a Raita dip or some garlic mayonnaise for nibbles before dinner or as part of your buffet.