BBC Young Butcher of the Year


Jim Sutcliffe (24) of Meridian Meats in Louth has been crowned “BBC Young Butcher of the Year 2009″ in a dedicated stand alone reality TV program from BBC Three.

Pitched against a large field of other professional butchers Jim’s passion for his craft, butchery skills, flair and presentation were all tested to the limit but in a tense final Jim took the title after the final test, setting out a shop window display. Jim was not too hopeful of the outcome and was highly delighted when his skill and imagination was deemed to be the best and the crown was his.

Working as Manager of the family owned Meridian Meats Family Butchers in Louth, Jim continues to provide top quality products and is always looking for something a little different. This drive for creative innovations was proven with the introduction of “Curried Goat and Mango Sausage”. The original idea was developed as Jim was looking for something a little different to take with him to the “Young Butcher of the Year” program, where he knew he would need to provide something that was not only different but showed a true understanding of the use of locally sourced ingredients. After discussions with Maf Huda, creator of Mr Huda’s award winning Curry pastes which had been stocked by the shop for some time, Jim decided to use Mr Huda’s Universal Curry Paste as the main spice mix for the dish augmented with Mr Huda’s family recipe Mango Chutney (produced specifically for Jim).

The result is outstanding with Jim reporting in his Blog that when available in the shop they had sold out by 11am, proof indeed of their appeal. As a speciality sausage their appearance in the shop is limited to when there is a good supply of appropriate quality Goat Meat.